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    At Metcalf Dental, we make your health our priority. Our dentist and team can use digital X-rays in Oak Brook, Illinois, to safely diagnose your smile’s needs. Dr. Chris Metcalf is committed to caring for the health of your entire body through our safe dental practices. Contact our office at (630) 203-9779 if you have any questions or concerns.

    Dental X-rays are a type of diagnostic imaging that uses digital technology to create images of the teeth, gums and jaw. This type of imaging is often used in conjunction with traditional X-rays to get a more complete picture of your oral health. Digital X-rays use a sensor instead of film to capture an image of your teeth. The digital sensor is placed in your mouth next to your teeth and sends the information to a computer where it can be viewed instantaneously. Dental X-rays are used to diagnose various dental problems, including decay, crowding, fractures, tumors, periodontal disease and abnormalities such as cysts, abscesses or tumors.

    This technology is becoming increasingly popular in dental offices, since it is more comfortable for patients and provides several benefits over traditional X-rays, including lower radiation exposure, higher image quality and the ability to view images automatically. We recommend you receive your annual dental X-rays once a year during one of your regular oral checkups with us.

    If you need your annual dental X-rays, come in to Metcalf Dental to receive them from our dentist. We will be able to diagnose any potential concerns and give you proper treatment before those concerns become bigger problems.