New Patients

New Patients

New Patients

Thank you for visiting the Metcalf Dental website. A visit to an Oak Brook dentist shouldn’t be something to dread—instead, our compassionate service and dedication to oral health education can make your next appointment with us something to look forward to! We believe in providing lasting oral care that will result in a lifetime of health and happiness. However, our dedication to comprehensive care also means that we aim to follow up with our patients and provide them with the highest quality of consistent dental care and maintenance.

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Dr. Chris Metcalf looks forward to being a dentist in Oak Brook whom you can rely on, and his dedicated staff is present to support you and answer your questions at every step of the way.

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Removal of tartar/calculus from underneath the gum line.

Implant restorations are completed after an implant has been placed to replace a tooth. This can be used for a single tooth to full mouth reconstruction.

Our dental hygiene experts thoroughly clean and polish teeth, screen for neck and oral cancers, provide personalized steps to maintain and improve oral health and even take your blood pressure.

Full dentures are removable appliances used to restore the upper or lower arch. Partial dentures are removable appliances that attach to existing teeth and replace one or more teeth.

Broken tooth, lost crown, or any emergent situation, Metcalf Dental can quickly relieve your pain and get you back on the road to complete oral health.

Active and advanced hygiene therapy done to remove as much debris below the gum line as possible and disrupt/destroy bacterial proliferation.

Include oral/neck cancer screening, periodontal charting/screening, cavity detection & any x-ray reviews. Dr. Chris thoroughly explains all diagnosed treatment and takes time to answer all questions.

Clear, removable aligner for orthodontic therapy.

Custom made appliance to alleviate clenching and grinding of teeth.

Custom made in our office to help protect that beautiful smile.

Dr. Chris utilizes the latest materials to offer patients long-lasting lifelike restorations.

Metcalf Dental offers multiple whitening options from at home to in office procedures.

Veneers, whitening, Botox and Invisalign.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Oak Brook IL

Utilized for patients that have complex dental issues that require comprehensive restorative dentistry.

Digital X-Rays Oak Brook IL

Less obtrusive and emit considerably less radiation than conventional x-rays.

Dr. Chris utilizes state-of-the-art lasers for periodontal therapy, gum surgery, fillings and cavity detection.

Evaluations and oral appliance therapy.

Used to reduce the symptoms of TMJ issues. Also used as the most popular cosmetic procedure to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet.