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Kurt S.

I started going to Bruce Metcalf when I was a kid and have continued through the takeover of his son Chris. I think Chris always does a great job at his work. The hygienists are pleasant and thorough as well. They have a lot of technology to detect tooth decay and correct it as soon

Kurt S. February 1, 2018

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Dental Night Guards Oak Brook IL

Snoring, teeth grinding or teeth clenching, headaches and maxillofacial pain. Many people experience these problems every day and, although they might not seem much, they will eventually end up affecting the patient’s life. Not only his life but the experience of those around as well. Curiously enough, we, at Metcalf Dental, have a simple, yet incredibly effective solution to these problems – the dental night guard.

Dental night guards in Oak Brook Il are a simple solution to a wide range of problems, most of which can prove to be slightly disrupting from one point onward. Here we include issues like:

  1. Recurrent, loud snoring

Snoring occurs for a variety of reasons, the most common one being the jaw relaxing during sleep and falling backward, thus blocking the airways. Since there will be a tighter space where the air will need to squeeze through, the throat muscles will cause that iconic noise with every breath you take. This is why people usually snore when they sleep face upwards. Wearing a mouth guard will prevent your jaw from falling backward, eliminating snoring altogether.

  1. A good solution for treating TMD

Temporomandibular joint syndrome manifests through a variety of symptoms, most of which include headaches, toothache, jaw blockage and pain during eating or when opening the mouth. The mouth guard will allow the jaw, neck and face muscles to relax overnight, reducing the symptoms and minimizing the manifestations of the disorder during the day.

  1. Protecting the teeth

Dental night guards in Oak Brook Il are incredibly useful in dealing with teeth grinding, which can occur both during the day and during the night. There are plenty of cases where people ended up with a chipper, cracked or broken teeth as a result of unconscious teeth grinding while they were asleep.

  1. Allow for a better rest

This aspect is related to snoring and the fact that, when our airways are being obstructed, less oxygen will reach the brain, causing the inability to rest properly. The same effect is linked to the uncomfortable position of the jaw during sleep, increasing the tension in the jaw muscles. Both these problems can be corrected with the help of the mouth guard, which will improve your sleeping pattern, allowing for better rest at night.

  1. Improve teeth alignment and bite

Special mouth guards can be designed in case you have poor teeth alignment or suffer from a bad bite, or other similar dental problems, which not only will help you regarding functionality but will also improve your looks also.

Whatever the reason may be, the dental guards can prove to be invaluable for you. The most significant value comes from the fact that they are an excellent alternative to the more invasive dental procedures, as well as from the fact that they are best at preventing dental problems from aggravating.

The dental night guards in Oak Brook Il, offered by Metcalf Dental, will prove to be your best companion during nighttime. One that will help alleviate your dental problems, improve breathing and shape your smile on top of everything else.

Dental Night Guards Oak Brook IL

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