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Kurt S.

I started going to Bruce Metcalf when I was a kid and have continued through the takeover of his son Chris. I think Chris always does a great job at his work. The hygienists are pleasant and thorough as well. They have a lot of technology to detect tooth decay and correct it as soon

Kurt S. February 1, 2018

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Dentist Oak Brook Il

Most people know that oral hygiene is essential, but do they know how important? And, most importantly, do people know what hygiene habits they should adopt to decrease the risk of dental problems? It may seem like the answer would be “yes” for both questions, but it’s not. At Metcalf Dental, we know that many people have a poor understanding of what they should or should not do to preserve their dental health. And, not only that but their health in general too.

Any dentist in Oak Brook Il knows that maintaining proper oral hygiene is not simple, because there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration. According to statistics presented by the American Dental Association and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research:

  • Only 56.8% of the American women and 49% of the American men brush their teeth twice a day, as they should
  • Only 50.5% of Americans floss every day, while 18.5% don’t floss at all
  • Approximately 5% of adults with ages between 20 and 64 have no teeth whatsoever
  • More than 92% of the adults within the same age category have dental caries, while 26% of them have untreated tooth decay
  • Those who show more tooth decay tend to be white adults, with higher income and higher levels of education

These data indicate that we still have a problem to this day, despite the numerous advancements in medicine and dentistry over the past century.

Developing a proper hygiene plan

Any dentist in Oak Brook Il will tell you that there is an average of four main tips to remember when it comes to the perfect oral health:

  1. Mouth brushing

What most people fail to realize is that brushing your teeth won’t do the job. You also need to brush your cheeks and tongue, since that is where bacteria will usually spread, causing halitosis, among other things.

  1. Daily flossing

As you may suspect, brushing isn’t enough to ensure good oral hygiene. Residual food will always get stuck between your teeth, whether you see it or not. That is where flossing comes in, which is the single most effective way to thoroughly remove food deposits and minimize the risk of bacterial growth.

  1. Adopt a healthier diet

The way you eat will influence your oral health significantly. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and don’t forget about cheese either, which is known to increase your saliva production and neutralize oral acids. Also, no more sweets and sodas.

  1. The dentist is your best friend

You can claim you have proper oral hygiene if you don’t visit the dentist at least once or twice a year. It is the best way of identifying teeth and gum problems in time, which will allow you to solve them a lot faster.

If you are looking for a professional, experienced dentist in Oak Brook Il, Metcalf Dental is the place to go. Here, we value our patients’ health more than anything else, and it all starts with a clean, healthy smile.

Dentist Oak Brook Il

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Practice Philosophy

Metcalf’s dental goal is complete health dentistry for all of our patience. This means a healthy mouth free of infections to promote over all complete health. The mouth is the gateway to our bodies, and research is showing more connections with the mouth and serious illnesses that affect our bodies. Our exams are very thorough to allow you to make informed decisions about your dental health.