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Kurt S.

I started going to Bruce Metcalf when I was a kid and have continued through the takeover of his son Chris. I think Chris always does a great job at his work. The hygienists are pleasant and thorough as well. They have a lot of technology to detect tooth decay and correct it as soon

Kurt S. February 1, 2018

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Dentures Oak Brook IL

Tooth loss can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons. One of the most common causes is poor oral hygiene, causing tooth decay and, eventually, tooth loss. The best way to approach the situation is to adopt a thorough, rigorous oral health. But when that fails, what other options do you have? At Metcalf Dental, there are several ways of approaching teeth loss, one of them being dentures.

Dentures in Oak Brook Il represent the cheaper, less invasive procedure of restoring missing teeth, compared to dental implants, which can be more difficult to achieve. And if you think that being young will protect you against tooth loss, there’s bad news for you – it is not a given. You might need dental implants or dentures even when you’re young if your oral hygiene is less than average.

One of the leading causes for tooth loss is tooth decay, and this issue can start in the early stages of life, if the individual doesn’t brush his teeth, doesn’t floss and doesn’t use mouthwash or visit the dentist at least once a year. In that case, there are several distinct stages his oral health will go through:

The initial stage – Bacterial accumulation

During this stage, bacteria will begin to gather at the base of the teeth, right below the gum. At the same time, oral acid, caused by eating sweets and carbs, which our mouth bacteria will break down into sugar, increasing the acidity of the environment. It is this acid that will attack the tooth’s enamel and dentine, exposing the pulp and causing infections and severe pain. You are now officially on your way to getting dentures in Oak Brook Il.

The advanced stage – Gum infections

The inflammation of the gum represents the early stage of periodontitis, also known as gingivitis. Because you have ignored your oral hygiene and you have neglected to visit the dentist once in a while, gingivitis will get triggered, causing gum inflammation, swelling, bleeding and loose teeth, which will threaten to come off.

The final stage – Full on periodontitis

Because of the severe bacterial overgrowth, plaque will begin to form, which is a sticky, yellowish substance, filled with bacteria, that will coat your teeth and further tooth decay while causing an awful oral smell along with a similar taste. The soft tissue will retract, which is when teeth will lose their support and begin to fall off. At this point, your options have become extremely limited. The only viable solution is to resort to a professional to deal with the problem.

Other causes may include accidents, leading to massive teeth loss or teeth erosion, caused by the gastrointestinal reflux syndrome, where the individual’s digestive system will keep regurgitating stomach acid into the mouth, affecting the teeth with time. In either of these cases, the dentures in Oak Brook Il will prove to be the best solution.

At Metcalf Dental, we value quality and professionalism more than anything else, whether it is about prevention or dental treatments. Our patients deserve the best services just as much as we deserve their full trust; and, with us, both parties will get what they want.

Dentures Oak Brook IL

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Practice Philosophy

Metcalf’s dental goal is complete health dentistry for all of our patience. This means a healthy mouth free of infections to promote over all complete health. The mouth is the gateway to our bodies, and research is showing more connections with the mouth and serious illnesses that affect our bodies. Our exams are very thorough to allow you to make informed decisions about your dental health.