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Kurt S.

I started going to Bruce Metcalf when I was a kid and have continued through the takeover of his son Chris. I think Chris always does a great job at his work. The hygienists are pleasant and thorough as well. They have a lot of technology to detect tooth decay and correct it as soon

Kurt S. February 1, 2018

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Emergency Dentist Oak Brook IL

Compared to other areas of our body, we only seem to care for our dental health when problems arrive, forcing us to do so. Many people will even ignore the daily oral hygiene routine up to the point where pain or more severe effects of gum bleeding, or teeth being chipped or knocked out will force them to take action. At Metcalf Dental, we always stress prevention more than anything else because it can save you a lot of trouble.

When preventive measures are not being taken, however, that will bring us to an emergency dentist in Oak Brook Il. And people are in need of emergency dentistry for a variety of reasons, out of which the most common include:

  1. A severe toothache

Tooth pain can become incredibly dramatic, depending on the factors fueling it. In many cases, it is cavities breaking down the tooth’s dentine that will end up inflict massive amounts of pain, but the situation can get even worse than that. In case of gum infection, the collateral effect may include the swelling of the jaw affecting the trigeminal nerve. What results is called trigeminal neuralgia – an intense, pulsating, throbbing pain spreading across the face all the way to the temple and the eye sockets. It is so severe that it may even trigger depression or inflict suicidal tendencies.

  1. Swelling of the jaw

The jaw will usually swell due to an infection of the salivary glands. There are three of them which can get affected (the parotid, the sublingual and the submandibular), at which point symptoms like dry mouth, difficulty speaking or chewing, pain and fever, can occur.

  1. Abscesses

Every emergency dentist in Oak Brook Il has dealt with countless cases of abscesses precisely because they are so spread among the population. They will usually occur as a sign of poor oral hygiene and will affect the tooth’s root, as well as the gum surrounding it. A pocket of infection can be noticed at the base of the infected tooth, and symptoms include pain, sometimes to the extreme, a bad taste, swelling, and fever.

  1. Gum bleeding

For the most part, gum bleeding can be a sign of poor oral hygiene, leading to bacterial accumulation and early signs of periodontitis. Usually, the bleeding will come as a result of plaque formation, which is mineralized bacteria, and which cannot be removed with brushing, flossing or any homemade remedy or practice. You will need a professional for that.

  1. Accidents causing gum, jaw or teeth problems

Accidents are pretty common with people who practice extreme or contact sports, and often can lead to gum damages, teeth being chipped, cracked or even knocked out, or even jaw fractures. These situations will require immediate medical attention.

Every emergency dentist in Oak Brook Il has a lot of experience to rely on, and Metcalf Dental is where only the top professionals meet. Emergency dentistry is an important aspect to consider when caring for your dental health and we are here to teach people just how important prevention is so that they can avoid emergency situations like those described here.

Emergency Dentist Oak Brook IL

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Practice Philosophy

Metcalf’s dental goal is complete health dentistry for all of our patience. This means a healthy mouth free of infections to promote over all complete health. The mouth is the gateway to our bodies, and research is showing more connections with the mouth and serious illnesses that affect our bodies. Our exams are very thorough to allow you to make informed decisions about your dental health.