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    Our dentist, Dr. Chris Metcalf, can get a more complete look at your smile by using panoramic X-rays at our office. The team at Metcalf Dental likes using this technology to improve our assessment of your smile while in our office. If you have questions about how we utilize panoramic X-rays in Oak Brook, Illinois, call our office at (630) 203-9779.

    A panoramic X-ray, also called a panoramic radiograph, is an X-ray image of the entire mouth, teeth, jaws and surrounding bones. It is used to help diagnose various dental problems, allowing our dentist to look at your entire mouth in one photo. Panoramic X-rays work by using a rotating X-ray beam that produces a series of images. These images are then pieced together to create the final panoramic image. The procedure is quick and easy, and it provides valuable information about your oral health. Common uses for a panoramic X-ray include looking for:

    • Impacted teeth
    • Wisdom teeth that have not erupted
    • Cysts or tumors
    • Infections
    • Jawbone problems
    • Teeth that are not visible in a regular X-ray image

    Our dentist may take a panoramic X-ray during your consultation to determine whether specific treatments are right for you. This will help him make the right decision for your oral health care and decide which services will be most beneficial to you. Call us at (630) 203-9779 to schedule your consultation today.