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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Oak Brook IL

Our dental hygiene experts thoroughly clean and polish teeth, screen for neck and oral cancers, provide personalized steps to maintain and improve oral health and even take your blood pressure. Metcalf Dental provides Dental Hygiene to our patients in need. We offer the best service and comfort from our staff with the best equipment. Our track record proves that our Dental Hygiene patients will be satisfied with their visit.

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6 Ways to Better Oral and Dental Health

Take better care of your teeth. Here are must-know tips from experts on dental hygiene and health in Oak Brook IL.

Always brush your teeth

Do this after every meal. This will help remove plaque that may be stuck between your teeth. Don’t rush through the cleaning process, too. If you’re too rough with the strokes, that could be why your gums tend to bleed a lot. Take better care of your gums by brushing softly and carefully.

Pick the right brush

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles. This will prevent any abrasions to your gums, preventing any bleeding. Bleeding gums could indicate the presence of gum disease. If you continue to experience bleeding gums even after switching to a toothbrush with soft bristles, though, then it’s time to consult a dentist. Call and book an appointment with us to find out.

Stay away from sweets

Food high in sugar can lead to a lot of plaque buildup, which can harm your teeth. If you love sweets and you find it hard to completely cut it out of your diet, then start small. Try to limit your sugar intake first. Do it gradually. Going cold turkey on sweets may do more harm than good. It can make you feel like you’re depriving yourself, which could push you to binge on sweets instead.

Limit your bread intake

Starches found in bread, crackers, and cereal cause acids to form. This could lead to substances that irritate your gums. If these issues aren’t addressed, your gums may start to feel tender and sensitive. They may be more prone to bleeding as well. By limiting your bread intake, you can prevent the production of harmful substances to your teeth as well.


Brushing your teeth won’t be able to dislodge all the food bits stuck in between your teeth. That’s where flossing comes in handy. You can easily remove bits and particles of food to prevent the buildup of plaque, cavities and tooth decay.

Go for routine checkups

One way to improve your dental health is to go for regular checkups. Undergo dental exams. These exams can determine if you’re suffering from gum disease. By knowing early on, your dentist can provide you with the right treatment options as soon as possible. With early treatment, your chances of a successful recovery are much higher.

For more details, call us at Metcalf Dental and book a consultation with our experienced and qualified staff. If you’re looking for dental hygiene services in Oak Brook IL, we can provide you with the help you need.

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My experience with Dr.Metcalf and his staff has been very positive. I was referred to him by a friend four years ago when my dental health was becoming compromised. He developed a plan that worked for me and with my insurance. It's not only Dr. Metcalf but the entire team at his practice have really made me feel comfortable as a patient. From cleanings to fillings or crowns, I have been satisfied and impressed with my results. My daugters are also patients now and doing great!

Todd G

Always friendly as is the staff.

Mark T

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