Digital Tooth X-Rays

Digital Tooth X-Rays

Digital Tooth X-Rays Oak Brook IL

Less obtrusive and emit considerably less radiation than conventional x-rays. Metcalf Dental provides digital tooth x-rays to our patients in need. We offer the best service and comfort from our staff with the best equipment. Our track record proves that our digital tooth x-ray patients will be satisfied with their visit.

Digital X-Rays Oak Brook IL

About Digital X-Rays

The days of regular film x-rays are becoming a part of the past. Digital radiography technology is far superior to standard film-based x-rays when it comes to discovering and monitoring all manner of oral conditions. And not only do digital x-rays use significantly less radiation, but images are clearer and develop faster than film x-rays. They can easily be shared and displayed in your treatment room so that Dr. Chris can give you a detailed look at your teeth and explain any issues you have or necessary treatments you may need. When you have digital tooth x-rays taken in our Oak Brook IL office, Dr. Chris can also determine issues with your jaw and signs of other oral diseases.

When Do You Need X-Rays?

If you’re a new patient, you’ll need a full range of digital x-rays to get a comprehensive look at all of your teeth and every angle of your mouth. Proper diagnoses and treatment plans aren’t possible without a full picture of the state of your teeth and dental health. When you schedule your first appointment at our Oak Brook IL office, you can expect to have a comprehensive set of digital tooth x-rays taken. These highly detailed digital images allow Dr. Chris to easily spot tooth decay and other damage. Again, you will be exposed to minimal radiation, while allowing the most detailed and accurate scans of your teeth to be taken.

If you’re an existing patient, you’ll need to have regular x-rays done on an annual basis. You may potentially need additional x-rays to document progress during and after certain procedures.

Prevention is Key

When it comes to your dental health, taking preventive measures is key. Regularly scheduled x-rays can catch problems early on, which increases the chance of quick and easy treatment. Regular x-rays help you avoid advanced damage and more extensive procedures required to fix them.

Best Rated Digital Tooth X-Rays Oak Brook IL

Been going to Chris since I was a kid. Always a clean welcoming environment. The dentistry practices are always being updated with new tech.


Dr. Chris is extremely professional and always at the top of his game. Have not and would not trust another in his field with my health. Will not go anywhere else for my dental needs.

Greg Drovitz

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