Full and Partial Dentures

Full and Partial Dentures

Full and Partial Dentures Oak Brook IL

Full dentures are removable appliances used to restore the upper or lower arch. Partial dentures are removable appliances that attach to existing teeth and replace one or more teeth. Metcalf Dental provides Dentures to our patients in need. We offer the best service and comfort from our staff with the best equipment. Our track record proves that our Dentures patients will be satisfied with their visit.

Full and Partial Dentures Oak Brook IL

Dentures: Essentials to Know Before You Say Yes to Dentures


These are artificial teeth and gums custom-made to fit your mouth and match the color and appearance of your regular teeth. If you have a lot of missing teeth, then dentures are one way to replace them. Full and partial dentures are available too, which is convenient if you’ve loosed teeth on either side of your gum line.

What are dentures made of?

Artificial teeth in the past could only be made out of 2 things: porcelain or plastic. You could also ask us for dentures made out of hard resin at our Oak Brook IL office.

Why dentures?

Dentures are a non-invasive way to provide you with replacements for missing or lost teeth. If the thought of going for a dental implant surgery doesn’t sit well with you, then getting dentures at our Oak Brook IL clinic is a good alternative to address the issue of your missing teeth.

How long will they last?

Sets of dentures are much more fragile than your regular teeth. If you employ hard biting pressure, that could easily result in cracks or chips in your dentures. A bit clumsy on your feet? Dropping your dentures can shatter the material as well. Care and maintenance are key to keeping your dentures in excellent condition 5 years after you’ve had them installed.

How to take care of dentures?

It would be best to run clean water over your dentures. Do this after every meal to get rid of any food particles that might be stuck in between your teeth or under the structure. You’ll want to clean your gums as well. Use a toothbrush and mild soap or denture cleaner. Don’t use regular toothpaste since that’s too abrasive for your fake teeth and can end up damaging your dentures in some way. For better care and maintenance, make sure you return to our office for routine visits. Whether you have full dentures or partial dentures, the experienced, qualified and trained members of our staff at our Oak Brook IL clinic are here to provide you with the best service possible. Call and make an appointment today.

Where to go for help?

At Metcalf Dental, we provide a range of dental services to meet your needs. From a dedicated, passionate and qualified staff to up-to-date equipment and comfortable surroundings, we do our best to provide with topnotch dental services. Contact us today to know more about we can help you with lost or missing teeth problems.

Best Rated Dentures Oak Brook IL

Dr. Chris and staff are excellent! I have been a patient here for over 20 years and would highly recommend Dr. Chris.

James Parker

I have been with Dr. Chris for years! Would not go anywhere else. Dr. Chris and the entire staff are fantastic- highly recommended!!

Fred Sommers

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