Invisalign Oak Brook IL

Clear, removable aligner for orthodontic therapy. Metcalf Dental provides Invisalign to our patients in need. We offer the best service and comfort from our staff with the best equipment. Our track record proves that our Invisalign patients will be satisfied with their visit.

Invisalign Oak Brook IL

6 Reasons to Get Invisalign Braces at Metcalf Dental

Bad bites get in the way of a great smile. Wondering what kind of treatment is best for dealing with teeth misalignment woes? At Metcalf Dental, we offer services like Invisalign treatment at our Oak Brook IL facility. This non-invasive treatment can offer the solution you need. Here’s why you’ll want to book that appointment to find out as soon as you can.

Improves your smile

These trays of clear plastic are custom-made to fit your gums and teeth. They’re a lot less noticeable than traditional wire braces, which makes them a popular option for patients. This is especially true for teens who might feel self-conscious at the thought of wearing a traditional wire brace.

Stops teeth from grinding

Aside from solving your teeth alignment problems, these aligners also serve as protective gear. If you grind your teeth at night, wearing your Invisalign trays will stop you from grinding or clenching your teeth, which could lead to harmful effects on your pearly whites. With our Invisalign treatment at our Oak Brook IL, you won’t have to suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, which is a possible condition if you grind or clench your teeth at night.

Lasts a long time

With proper care, your aligners should last you a good long while. Remember to clean it after every meal. You’ll need to store it properly as well. Proper storage will prevent damage to the trays so long as they’re inside the right container.

Reduces cleaning time

When you have these aligners, you can count on shorter cleaning times. That’s a definite advantage to getting aligners. With Invisalign Braces Treatment in Oak Brook IL, we make your life much more convenient and a lot easier.

Improves your speech

A lot of people have a hard time with their speech when they choose traditional wire braces. With Invisalign Braces in Oak Brook IL, you won’t have to worry about going through these problems. You can enjoy better speech and pronunciation when you choose these invisible aligners to fix the positioning of your teeth.

Gives you a good bite

Put a stop to bad bite woes and issues. Contact us today at Metcalf Dental and make an appointment with our staff for treatment. If you want to start enjoying the benefits of these aligners, ask us about Invisalign Dental Braces in Oak Brook IL. We’ll help you find out if it’s the right treatment for you.

Best Rated Invisalign Oak Brook IL

I highly recommend Dr. Metcalf. He is great. He is on top of his field and very knowledgeable. It is a pleasure to visit the office. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Donna Brunso

My family members have been patients of this office for many years going back to Dr Bruce Metcalf prior to his retirement. Dr Chris Metcalf is very caring, personable and extremely knowledgeable as is his staff. We are very satisfied with Dr Chris and the personal attention and care that we receive -- we would recommend this office to anyone dissatisfied with their dental care or looking for a dentist that they can trust.

Diane Androvich

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