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When teeth and gums are healthy, most people don’t give them much thought. Sometimes they require extra care. At Metcalf Dental, we provide scaling and root canals to help restore and maintain your oral health.

Scaling and Root Planing Oak Brook IL

What Is Scaling?

Scaling is a common dental procedure that removes plaque buildup below the gum line. Think of it as deep cleaning for your teeth. Dentists use two different methods.

A dentist or periodontist might remove buildup with a hand-held scaler and curette, using touch to find tartar and plaque. Ultrasonic scaling involves using a vibrating mechanical instrument that chips away buildup and a water sprayer to rinse away material as he removes it.

With both methods, the dentist typically numbs your gums with local anesthesia, so you stay comfortable the entire time. You can have your whole mouth cleaned in one visit, or the dentist may recommend cleaning a portion at a time. You may experience some tenderness after the procedure, but your gums will quickly return to a firm, healthy pink.

Why Patients Need Scaling

Buildup happens inside every mouth. Saliva, protein and bacteria coat teeth with a thin layer that food particles stick to. That buildup becomes plaque. Bacteria thrives in buildup and causes gum disease, and as gums deteriorate, plaque buildup gets worse. When patients have more plaque than a standard cleaning will remove, dentists recommend scaling.

Signs You Need Scaling

Gingivitis causes your gums to swell and bleed easily. They may appear red instead of pink and look swollen. When it’s not treated, it can become periodontitis, a more advanced form of gum disease. Gums recede and leave pockets that hold infection. Your immune system’s response to that infection can break down the bones and tissues that hold your teeth in place. Here are some of the signs of infection.

  • Bad breath that lingers even with regular brushing
  • Tender, swollen or bleeding gums
  • Pain when you chew
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Teeth that appear larger due to receding gums
  • Teeth that feel loose

People with gum disease are more likely to have other health problems like heart disease or high blood sugar. Good oral health is a vital part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

At Metcalf Dental, we want you to love your smile. Our staff is committed to helping patients achieve and preserve oral health for life. Call us at (630)368-1007 or Submit Form to Schedule an appointment today.

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Dr. Chris and his staff are very friendly and do excellent work. Anyone looking for a dentist can feel confident seeing Dr Chris Metcalf.


My experience with Dr. Chris has been great. He is smart, patient, empathetic and very personable and professional. I have been going to the Metcalf’s office for 49 years. Chris’ father was my dentist when I first started going to their office.. one more wonderful thing I’d love others to know about Chris is as well as when I had his father as a dentist, I have never felt pain under his care! I trust Chris in every way in helping me maintain my dental health! He is a pleasure to know.

Julie Marschand

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